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Canarias Wildlife, Secrets of Evolution

37.95 €

Title: Wildlife Canaria, Secrets of evolution

Format: 28x27 cm.
Texts: Juan Jose Bacall, Alberto Brito, Antonio Machado, Jose Manuel Moreno, Concepcion Valdivia, Guillermo Delgado, Leopoldo Moro, Jesus M. Falcon, Pedro Pascual, Natacha Aguilar.
Photographs: Sunday Trujillo, Jose Juan Hernandez, Jesus Palmero, Nicolas Trujillo, Jose Manuel Moreno, Carlos Minguella, Diego L. Sanchez, Alexander D. Toledo, others.
Características.-176 pages, Hardback
ISBN: 84-95412-20-9

Languages: Spanish

Description: Few places in the world offer a variety biological so exceptional as the Canary archipelago. No less than 17,000 species, of which 11,000 relate to the protagonists of this book "animals". Photographs of these pages run small details that we move to the tranquillity of our countryside. The beautiful song of a finch, the murmur of a dove Turkey, the flight of a butterfly, the eyes of captive fish, or exciting encounter a dolphin, are scenes from the life that hopefully not surprise us never stop.

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