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FREE GIFT Fish Canary Is. Cutlery Steel&24K Gold · 1 Knive + 1 Fork

6.95 €

Fish set for 1 Services, all pieces with shield engraved and bathed in 24 Karat gold.

This is a limited edition single, which was built for reasons memorial with the best grades and under a truly luxurious finish to shine on the tables of the islanders from around the world. Take a piece of the Canary Islands to your home. A very special gift for any Canario, a precious object collector for his unique spin. For its ergonomics, ruggedness, polishing and design is a sensational cutlery happy that the most demanding gourmets.

Manufactured by FACIX, the biggest Italian manufacturer of cutlery since 1920. It provides each covered in a plastic bag sealed individually.


1 Fish Knives + 1 Fish Forks = 2 pcs.

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