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Tofio Smoked Cheese 1400 g

15.75 €

Lanzarote Tofio Smoked Cheese Paprika 1400 g.

DESCRIPTION: Product made from pasteurized goat milk from Lanzarote to which is added, a suitable temperature, starter cultures and rennet for coagulation.

Shape: Cylinder
Weight approx.: 1400 g. to 1200 g.
INGREDIENTS: Goats milk, rennet, milk enzymes and salt..
EXP: 12 months from the packaging.
VARIETY: Smoked.

Lanzarote Island of Fire and Volcanoes, has developed an unprecedented and unusual landscape, difficult to find elsewhere. On the island there are a small number of dairies, but not its cheeses are less important. Cylindrical shape, have a weight of between 1 and 3 kilos. Lanzarote cheese crust is very thin, white, and white pulp is also the court. Stresses at the edges of traditional drawing sera (Litigation - part-time job), made from woven palm leaves or other material. Taste is soft, acidic and pleasing to the palate and delicate flavors. Traditionally, these cheeses were smeared with red pepper, roasted maize meal or oil.

For further information on Canary cheeses see

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