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Marine Canarian Salt Mar de Nube Lemon

1.75 €

MARINE SALT from CANARY Islands MAR de NUBE with LEMON 100g.

100% Artisan. 100% Canary ingredients. 100% Fresh Products.

No Preserves or artificial colorants.

Marine Salt from Canary Islands 100% handcraft, containing pure salt. Without preservatives or colorants, flavourings or additives and has been developed only in the Canaries and only with fresh ingredients from the Canary Islands.

Ingredients: Marine Salt from Canary Islands and Lemon

100 g. Net Weight

MAR DE NUBE offers flavors and aromas of the Canarian culinary tradition, with artisan products and completely handmade methods of elaboration. Our fruits and vegetables come from the islands fields and are harvested at their right point of maturity to extract their best nutritional qualities and ensure a full flavor. Choosing MAR DE NUBE means enjoying a special gastronomic experience.

Our artisan factory is located in the village of Tegueste, in the middle of the countryside of the island of Tenerife, traditionally agricultural; Our proximity to the farmers make possible the quality of our products, handcrafted with expert hands and treated with the utmost care until their final packaging.

Our recipes are created to satisfy all tastes, wrapping each palate with great flavors that remain in the memory with a lasting impression.

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