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Red Cactus Indian Pure Juice Isla Bonita 500 ml 98%

3.95 €

Red Cactus Indian Fig Pure Juice 98% 500ml

Pure Cactus Indian fig Juice elaborated in a totally traditional way, without preservatives, with a careful selection of fresh Indian Tunos de Canarias.

Indian Tuno juice 500 ml

The Indian tuno is attributed many diuretic and depurative properties. This fruit grows in our ravines in a wild way, free of any type of phytosanitary.

Among the properties of the Indian tuno we can highlight:

It is very depurative helping to improve and maintain diabetes.
It helps to improve the irritated liver.
Regenerator of liver cells.
Lower the excess bile.
It has a high nutritional value.
It is a powerful antioxidant.
It helps the body to lower bilirubin levels.

Format: 500 ml Crystal bottle

Isla Bonita was born in response to the need to recover and perpetuate the culinary tradition of our beloved Canary Islands, for this purpose, we recover the old recipes and methods of work of our ancestors and adapt them to the new times and the great demand of traditional products .

Little by little we have been enriching our offer by adding more and more products, treating each and every one of them as if they were pieces of art, all the fruits are selected one by one manually and in the elaboration processes of each one of the products that we offer we put the same effort and illusion so that those who taste them feel transported to the sunny and magical Canary Islands, land not only of sun and beaches but of a great and more than ingrained culinary tradition that fortunately transcends the successive generations of good food artisans.


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