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Mar Atlante. Canary Islands

37.00 €

Atlante Sea by Sergio Hanquet Canary Islands.

Theme: Fauna Marina
Editorial: Author Ed (2002)
Language: Multilingual (English - Spanish - German)

ISBN 84 932195 25

Pages: 168
Dimensions: 28 x 26.5

SYNOPSIS: Mar Atlante, Canary Islands, originated from the collaboration of two men love the sea. Sergio Hanquet, photographer, naturalist, and Angel Vallecillo, a writer, have joined forces to create a book that breathes purity and freedom.
Its pages immerse us in an artistic journey of beauty, inviting the reader to relive their most primitive emotions with water: the light and fear, life, silence ... A defense of the ocean not as a mere natural wealth, but as a living being to be observed to know ourselves better.


TIME. Creation.
LIFE. Case ecologist.
SPACES. In praise of simplicity.
LIGHT. The sea is a party.
FEAR. The Stranger.
DREAMS. Female.
SILENCE. The Museum of the Oceans.
CLOSING. Spirit of a photographer.
Singing the sea.

Sergio Hanquet 2002
ISBN 84 932195 25

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