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100 Canary Island Marine Invertebrates

14.25 €

100 Canary Island Marine Invertebrates

AUTHOR: Sergio Hanquet
Pages: 288 pp.
Languages: Multilingual. Edition: 2007. Dimensions: 11,5 x16, 5
Book Summary:

This guide is a catalog invertebrdos abbreviated marine fauna of the Canary Islands. Its aim is to list a useful, practical and manageable in a format most common marine invertebrates that we see in the intertidal zone and in the infra-littoral, where they make the dives. Besides the photographs, detailing the morphological characteristics and habits of each species and its possible reaction to the diver.

Overview of invertebrates
Terms used
Identification of species
Index of species (scientific name)
Index of species (common names canaries)
Index of species (English common names)
Index of species (common names German)
Index of species (common names French)

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