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Vegetal life of Canary Islands

11.95 €

Title: Vegetal life of the Canary Islands

Format: 21x29, 5 cm.
Texts: Lazaro Sanchez Pinto; illustration: Lucas de Saá
Design: Publications Turquoise
Features: Guide identifies cation + map folding (93.5 x62, 5 cms.)
ISBN: 84-604-8167-0

Languages: Spanish, English, German. (in separate folders)

Description: The Canary Islands have an extraordinary wealth floristic that makes them an early biogreográficas regions of the world and the first from Spain, in terms of the number of endemics is concerned. The vascular flora of the archipelago is estimated at more than 2,000 species, of which approximately 650 are endemic. With this guide-map are collected over 100 comments on many other species of plants and canary its main habitats.


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