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Blanket Cal Linen with Fringes

3590.00 €

Definition: Blanket CAL Linen with Fringes

Creator and director: M ª Isabel Hernandez Toste

Size: 260 x 205 cm

Materials: Linen and cotton yarn
Blanket Calada 100% craft, created and executed by the prestigious Elizabeth Calador Toste.
With eight-pointed stars draught Burg, within permeated mesh with motifs of roses and doves. Surrounded by four-star medallions and draughts in the grounds of old rosettes. Side with caladas towers surrounded by draught of 12 centimetres to the four sides with a garland of flowers and doves. Remate in caladas tips and fringes made by hand. 1.5 years of work at a rate of 8 hours a day.
This is a unique piece in the world, absolutely unique and unrepeatable. There is a craftsman able to replicate its complexity and creative does not repeat his creations complex.
It comes with certificate of authenticity.

Technique: 100% handmade by the author.
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- Mª Isabel Hernández Toste

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