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Mojo Sauce La Palma El Rey Spicy

2.35 €

Mojo Sauce El Rey from La Palma.

Variety: SPICY


Spicy King Mojo is produced on the island of La Palma based on traditional recipes from the island crafts. El Rey works with great dedication to a rigorous selection of raw materials are tested to get a top quality product. The spicy Mojo El Rey can be used with any meat or fish (barbacue, fried, stewed or grilled) with potatoes, bread, toast, gofio, arepas, etc.. A mojo tablespoon El Rey in your stews and soups will give a special taste.


Net Contents: 20 CL

Ingredients: La Palma Pepper, Oil, Garlic, salt, cumin and vinegar.


Health Registration: 26014133/TF

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