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Testamento Esencia White Wine

35.00 €

Type: Malvasia Sweet
Brand: Testamento
Producer: Cumbres de Abona Winerie
Variety: Malvasia
Volume bottle: 50 cl.

Production area and processing: The vineyards which yield this wine are situated at an altitude of 200 m. This is the result of the recovery of the most traditional variety in the history of the wines from the Canary Islands.
Produced in the region of Abona, has the privilege of being made exclusively by the variety of Malvasia, a varietal that provides a unique quality.
Modernizing the vineyards of the region of Abona and thanks to the great power of this variety wine queen, get this particular wine to delight your customers.
Extremely limited production (2000 kg / hect.) Which gives a yield of 25% wine.
With a delicate process to obtain a wine unique in the world, a wine that over the years increased its quality.

Tasting Notes: Yellow golden flecks, clean and transparent, fine nose of tropical fruits with a touch yellow. His mouth is wide and dense, with an aftertaste that reminds us of the variety.

Malvasia Testamento Esencia


Internacional Wine & Spirit Competition
Gold Medal 2005

Wineries Cumbres Abona: The summits Abona wines are produced in the county wine Abona, which covers the municipalities comprising between Fasnia and Adeje in the south of the island. Their vineyards reach more than 1750 meters. altitude, making them be the highest in Europe. Fundamental factors are the quality of its sun and volcanic soils that characterize the region, confinement unmatched taste and aromas, great personality. This Cooperative Society Cumbres de Abona part of the PDO of the Comarca de Abona and according to the Record Book Wineries of this denomination, there are 16 registered wineries processing and bottling. La Cooperativa de Abona Summit Winery is the largest of the Comarca de Abona and is within the top five wineries across the island of Tenerife.

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