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Red wine El Grifo Oak Collection

7.95 €

Type: Red Barrel 
Brand: El Grifo
Producer: Bodegas El Grifo, s.a. 
Volume bottle: 75 cl. 
Area: Lanzarote
Region: Canary Islands

Wine: Having a mature wine and corpulent but fruity, aromatic, complex by being more input from the oak used in their upbringing for a minimum of 4 months and to express the potential and uniqueness of the Black Listán volcanic.

Tasting notes: Color Red intense, deep layer, mature, clean and very bright. Very characteristic aroma of the grape Listán Black. Mineral slightly spices and ripe red fruit. It complements very well with taps to moca, roasted nuts and light provided by his upbringing in oak barrels. Boca Corpulento, savoury, broad, with ripe tannins and well aligned. Incidentally easy and persistent. Boca Well structured, tasty, fresh and with a final comprehensive and delicate, come back where citrus and floral tones.

Marriage: meat dishes not very developed, sausages maturation half

Bodegas El Grifo, s.a.: Among the 10 oldest in Spain. Situated on our farm El Grifo. Family Vineyard: 50 Hectares. The work of the vineyard are carried out manually. The fall in grape wine in boxes of 20 kg. The facilities are modern but the grape is the protagonist Development and bottled in the Property. Capacity 1.2 million litres entirely stainless .. Tonnellerie: 40,000 liters. Harvest: 500.000-700.000 kg per year. Production: 400.000-600.000 bottles per year. Presses: 2 pneumatic membrane for 30,000 litres.

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