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Almogrote + Red Mojo + Green Sauce Masape Gomera

2.47 €   [ 10%    2.75 €]

Tripack with Almogrote Gomero, Green and Red Mojo

The Almogrote is a pâté of hard cheese artisan whose recipe that comes from the island of La Gomera is used to starters, smeared with bread, toasts, potatoes, etc.. Add oil to taste.

The Canaries are soaked in a very typical sauces that are used to flavor and improve the dishes of meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, bread, gofio canary, etc. ...

Typical canarian sauce, can be used with all kinds of fishs, meats, vegetables, "gofio escaldado", boiled potatoes, etc. Hardcheese-creme to spread on bread, toast, arepas, potatoes, etc.

Mojo Rojo: Red Pepper, vegetable oil, garlic, wine vinegar, cumin and salt.
Mojo Verde: Green pepper, vegetable oil, garlic, parsley, wine vinegar, cumin, pepper and salt.
Almogrote: Hard cheese, vegetable oil, garlic and red pepper.
120 g = 3x40g Net Weight.

El Masapé in Vallehermoso, on the island of La Gomera, we have dedicated more than 30 years to elaborate artisan products of confectionery and food of the Canary Islands under the tutelage of Doña Aniceta, who has been able to transmit with mastery for generations, the traditional gastronomic culture Gomera.

We have proposed that our products, made with love, are small ambassadors of the insular gastronomic culture. For exquisite palates we manufacture typical gomero handmade products. We take care of every detail, we produce and elaborate with the best raw materials of the Canary Islands because every bite of our pasta, mojos, honey, almogrote or marmalade, must be an extraordinary experience.

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