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Cheese Arico Ripened Red 1000 g. - Best World Cheese

13.95 €

Arico Ripened Paprika cheese ball 1000 grms. Double First World Prize 2008. 

Best World Cheese and Double First World Prize in The World Cheese Awards 2008. In Dublin.

Paprika cheese Arico wins the prize for best cheese in the world: The goat cheese with paprika and gofio coverage of the dairy in Arico, Tenerife, has been awarded as the best cheese in the world in the grand final of the World Cheese Awards 2008, taking place in Dublin, which have agreed the best in each category among more than fifteen hundred cheeses from around the world.

Form: Cylindrical
Weight Approx.: 1000 to 900 g. 
INGREDIENTS: Goat's milk, curd, calcium, yoghurt bacteria and salt. 
EXP: 12 months from the packaging.
DESCRIPTION: Products made with pasteurized  goat's milk.


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