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Tagara White Wine

8.95 €

Type: Dry White
Brand: Tagara
Producer: Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife, s.a.
Volume bottle: 75 cl. 
Area: Icoden Daute

Preparation: The must ferments at a temperature of 16 º C

Tasting notes: Pale yellow with green hues, clean and bright. It has fruity aromas, anise and white flowers. Balanced and fresh on the palate.

Serving temperature: 8 ° C

Pairing: white and blue fish, seafood, egg dishes, pasta ...

Wineries: Bodegas Insulares de Tenerife, s.a. is formed by winegrowers of the Tacoronte-Acentejo, located north of the island of Tenerife, and from the 2005 harvest, the winery also by Regional Wines of Icod, further north of the island. This has grown from 170 members in 1992, the date of its constitution, to 803 winegrowers, of which 704 belong to the cellar and 99 Tacoronte the cellar Icod.

After rigorous controls ripening, the quality of grapes in the field and processes allow us to achieve a winery excellent wines that have achieved a great reputation both in the islands and abroad, having already obtained numerous national and international awards. 

The work of Tenerife Island Winery, based in obtaining high-quality wines, the best known of the Canary Islands can be seen as the most positive impact is taking towards a larger number of wine growers, guaranteeing them prices of grapes profitable , Effectively supporting the maintenance of many economies relatives of the two Counties and ultimately being a factor, perhaps the most important of the Canary Islands, linking growers to the territory and therefore keeping hundreds of hectares of vineyards that, in turn, make our landscape to retain its beauty and charm.

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