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Montesdeoca Cheese Medium Sweet Paprika 1 Kg - 2010 World Bronze

14.95 €

MONTESDEOCA Sweet PAPRIKA Cheese ball 1000 g.
World BRONZE Cheese Adwards 2010.

Description: Originally from the island of Tenerife, made from pasteurized goat's milk of different breeds and their crosses canary, starter cultures, rennet and salt. Coverage smoked.

Tasting Notes: describe an ivory yellow cheese, smelling semi-cured goat cheese at room temperature, creamy flavor, lactic, slightly acidulous tones and soft goat milk, pasta cutting compact, creamy red.

PRIZES most representative:

• WORLD CHEESE AWARDS 2010 - Bronze Medal Paprika Cheese medium cured.

Shape: Cylindrical
Weight approx.: 1000 to 900 g.
INGREDIENTS: Goat's milk, rennet, natural milk enzymes, calcium, paprika for cover and salt.
EXP: 12 months from the packaging.
VARIETY: Smoked Semicurado.

Cheeses Tenerife Island is the largest surface of the Canary Islands. The contrast of its landscapes, from the arid badlands of the south to the green laurel forests of the north, teni-do has resulted in the adaptation of Tenerife goat breed her two ecotypes: north and most cheeses sur.La are marketed fresh goat milk, but also can be purchased matured. Predominate cheese smooth bark almost non-existent and white, whose pulp is pressed and cut little is white, with small eyes scattered throughout. The flavor is slightly acidic, soft and pleasant, with a great sensa-tion humedad.Se presents in a circle, with pieces ranging from 350 grams to 4 kilos and a diameter of between 10 and 30 inches

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