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Coconut Rum Aguere

8.05 €   [ 10%    8.95 €]

Type: Canary Coconut Rum
Brand: Aguere
Producer: Cocal Destileries
Variety: Coconut Rum
Bottle volume: 70 cl.
%: 20 %

Aguere Coco Rum is an exquisite rum-based liquor made from specially selected, distilled sugar canes. Infused with a great taste of coconut this is a delicate spirit with a 20% alcohol content. We recommend this smooth coconut rum combined with pineapple juice for the perfect tropical cocktail or alternatively with other fruit juices for a unique fusion.

Ron Coco

San Bartolome de Tejina distilleries:

Distilleries Cocal is the reference point in the manufacturing rum in the Canary Islands. Strongly implanted in the islands since 1948, maintains the tradition of producing the genuine rum canary; selecting the cane liquor and watching all the details of the maturation process of their old male who according to Canary Islands tradition, are combined with a choice of honey bees to achieve a drink exotic and unique, and our honey rum Cocal or Guajiro.

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