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Cubertería Canarias Acero y OroThis is an unique and limited edition that was built by commemorative reasons with the best European qualities and under a really luxurious finish to shine on your table. Take a piece from Canary Islands to your home. A very special gift, a valuable collection object for it unique edition. For ergonomics, robustness, refined and good concept is a sensational cutlery that will please to the most demanding gourmets.

This category have 5 items.

Canary Islands Cutlery De Luxe - Steel & 24k Gold *66 Pieces*
65.95 €
46.16 €

Fish Cutlery Canarias * 6 Services *
19.95 €
15.96 €

Server Fork Canarias 24 K Gold
3.75 €

Shovel Cake Canarias 24 K Gold
3.75 €

Canary Islands Cutlery - Steel & 24k Gold *66 Pieces*
29.90 €

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