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Molino GofioIn can acquire our Canarian Gofio, a comprehensive instant food, easily digestible and very rich in natural nutrients, produced by grinding toasted cereal mills in stone. Staples of the Guanches, primitive inhabitants of the Canary Islands, which has remained throughout the centuries by their excellent food.

There are a wide variety of cereal grains used for the manufacture of Gofio Canario, although at present the prevailing wheat and corn, sometimes mixed with barley. It is a food without preservatives or dyes that provides a high vitamin content. Excellent food for infants or children aged growth, youth and adults who need a good energy to start the day.

Song El Gofio Canario by Manuel Hernández Ferrer "El Volquete"

This category have 8 items.

Corn Gofio El Palmar 1kg
1.75 €

Diet Corn Gofio El Palmar 500g
1.50 €

Flour Comeztier Arepas 1 Kg
2.75 €

Multi Cereals, Vegetables & Soja Gofio El Palmar 1kg
2.20 €

Spelt Gofio El Palmar
2.75 €

Wheat Diet Gofio El Palmar 500g
1.50 €

Wheat Gofio El Palmar 1kg
1.75 €

Wheat-Corn Gofio El Palmar 1 Kg
1.75 €

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