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TAXES and CUSTOMS CHARGES INCLUDED: EEC destinations orders TuCanariasinclude all EEC, Canary Islands and Spain Taxes (VAT, MWST, IVA & IGIC), CUSTOMS CHARGES Export (Output Canary Islands) & Import (Input Peninsula/ECC) and CUSTOMS PROCEDURES for both customs steps.

The orders will be delivered to their ECC customers at the final price shown at the time of purchase, for it TuCanarias, through its agents, manage all appropriate Export and Import customs procedures, customs charges and ECC Taxes in both customs, Canary Islands and Spain mainland (ECC area), so that you only will receive your purchase without surprises, directly in your hand, at home.



Purchases are shipped to anywhere on the planet, and all are absolutely ALL RISK INSURED, registered, directly to your home, on hand.



Taxes & Customs charges included for all orders after October 5th 2013

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