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Monje Traditional Red Wine

9.95 €

Type: Red Traditional 
Brand: Monje
Producer: Monje Wineries
Variety: Black Listan
Volume bottle: 75 cl.

Producción: 50,000 75 cl bottles and 10,000 37.5 cl bottles

Monje Wineries: The landscape all around the winery is a delight to behold: vineyards, mountains, the sea and the sun. It is a perfect spot to live and nurture our wines. Built by my father back in 1956, the winery was modernised in 1983 but still holds the original oak barrels where the traditional red wine is left to ferment and mature. Age-old practices go hand in hand with modern-day technology.

The winery accommodates our grape harvesting requirements with its capacity to hold 160,000 litres. The ten-person team working in the winery maintains the guiding principles and the loving care that this vocation so deservedly demands.

Our wines area a reflection of the traditional grape varieties used to blend them and the soil they grow in. They are mostly red wines with an original personality that can make them quite difficult to clasify at times. They all have an attractive colour and mineral and fruit aromas thar are fresh, full and bursting with life.

They are wines that match the land they spring from. All of our labels are part of a limited production of wine that is bottled and individually numbered under the "Denominación de Origen Tacoronte-Acentejo". This local supervisory body is responsible for quality control at both the production and bottling stage and endorses the wines through a back label on the bottle that guarantees the origin and quality of the wine within.

Tasting notes: A red wine made by carbonic maceration of Listán Negro grapes. It has a strong red colour with violet undertones and an intense, clean bouquet blending red berries, ashes and aniseed scents.
All in order. A wine with plenty of flavour, a cheerful tannic edge and a flavoursome after-taste. It is bottled in November, two months after production.
Taste notes: This is a traditional young red wine made by blending Listán Negro, Listán Blanco and Negramoll varieties. The production process still obeys a number of age-old rules like maceration in small open tanks and fermentation in oak casks. This ruby red wine with violet hues smells of truffle, blackberry, minerals and other much more undefinable elements so characteristics of its varietal origin. It is a gutsy wine to drink, full of character and zest whit a slightly bitter finish that gives it a classy, original touch. This young wine is put on the market when five months old.

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