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The Giant Lizard of Hierro

39.90 €

Title: The Giant Lizard of Hierro

Format: 24x30 cm.
Text: Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Carolina Castillo, Sixto Sanchez, Juan Jesus Coello
Photographs: Diego L. Sanchez, Jose Benito Ruiz, Jose Manuel Moreno, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Sixto Cozzi, Antonio Machado, others. 
Features: 320 pages, paperback with flap
ISBN: 84-95412-12

Languages: Spanish

Description: The giant lizard of Hierro, jewel of biodiversity Canary Islands, is now inextricable part of the identity of the smallest island in the archipelago. For many years it was considered extinct, having disappeared from the only known population of Roque de Salmor. However, in 1975 was rediscovered in the drain Gorreta. Currently, this endemism herreño, pretéritos relic of times, and one of the most rare and endangered reptiles in the world, enjoys the highest level of protection.

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