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Guajiro Rum Vintaje 40%

12.15 €   [ 10%    13.50 €]

Type: Old rum
Brand: Guajiro
Producer: Cocal Destileries
Variety: Brandy cane
Bottle volume: 70 cl.
%: 40%
Elaboration and taste: With the passage of time and care to the last detail of his maturation, we achieved a rum finest, clean and very bright shades of amber and gold, with average intensity, notes of vanilla sugar cane, silky entry into the mouth, wide tour with a long, bitter notes that make it complicated, and a long aftertaste and mellow, very good in the mouth, especially when taken alone, with a few rocks of ice, or combined.
Guajiro distilleries:

The pride of people for whom rum itself is a pride. Ron Guajiro is the most traditional brand of one of the longest-established distilleries in the Canary Islands, Destilerías San Bartolomé de Tejina. This is a family-owned company incorporated in 1948 which has developed until becoming a major reference in the liquor-making industry in the Canary Islands. Ron Guajiro is the Genuine Rum from the Canaries. The perfect blend of tradition, avour and quality. This full range of rums stands out for the clear personality of all its products: the golden rum Ron Guajiro Dorado, the white rum Ron Guajiro Blanco, the vintage rum Ron Guajiro Añejo and the honey rum Ron Miel Guajiro.

Currently has a production capacity of its own: with a wine cellar with a capacity of 80,000 liters in American oak barrels for the maceration and aged, with a modern bottling line that produces automatic 8500 bottles per hour, and to obtain High quality, the section of preparations you have all the tanks and pipes connected constructed of stainless steel.
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Ron Guajiro 7 anos

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