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Maxorata Cheese Medium Ripened Gourmet 280 g

5.95 €

Maxorata Cheese Medium ripened Paprika 280 g.

Description: The limited GOURMET series is the most exquisite selection of the semi-cured paprika cheeses manufactured by Maxorata, each cheese is selected from all its production due to the special characteristics of the milk, maturation times and specific care that apply to this distinguished Gourmet series in which you will find the greatest wealth of properties and flavors of the best cheeses in the world manufactured by Maxorata in Fuerteventura.
Originally from the island of Fuerteventura. Made from pasteurized goats milk from majorera, lactic ferments, rennet and salt. Natural coating, greased with paprika.

Tasting Notes: Describes a slightly ivory-colored cheese, semi-cured characteristic odor of goat cheese to room temperature, creamy flavor, lactic and slightly acidulous and sweet tones of goat milk, pasta cutting compact, creamy texture and crust yellowish brown.

Shape: Piece
Weight approx.: 280 g.
R.S.I.: 15.00852/GC

INGREDIENTS: Goats milk, rennet, milk enzymes and salt.
MATURATION: Between 20 and 60 days.
EXP: 12 months from the packaging.

Cheeses from Fuerteventura: There are references to the presence of goats in Fuerteventura before the conquest of Brittany and Normandy. Between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are numerous records of the Cabildo of the island where the cheese is mentioned. Only be described as cheese or cheese Majorero Fuerteventura which is covered by the PDO Cheese Majorero and certified by its Regulatory Board. Historically, cheese has been a staple of majorro closely linked to its economy. Indeed, there is a popular saying that illustrates the importance of cheese in the island, and which states that "there are more goats than majoreros Fuerteventura. It is a cylindrical cheese that weighs between 1 and 6 kilos and stands out in its appearance to have borders with a drawing of the sera (Litigation - part-time job), traditionally made of woven palm leaves or other materials. The soft cheeses are white and cured of yellowish-brown. The cortex may smeared with paprika, olive oil or gofio, taking a characteristic appearance. The paste is compact when cut, with slightly spicy and acidulous taste. Generally no eyes, although some may appear small.

Cheese Majorero: To ensure excellence in Fuerteventura cheese production in 1996 establishing the Council of the Designation of Origin Cheese Majorero, which controls strict compliance with all the required standards as to the origin, the optimal material quality premium and the processes of development and maturation of the cheese. It is the first cheese with denomination of origin of the Canaries and the first Protected Designation of Origin goat cheese from Spain.

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