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Canarias. Cocina Tradicional.

18.95 €


Author: Sánchez Araña, Vicente
Collection: Traditional Spanish Cuisine

No. pages: 264 | Price: 19.95 euros
Language: Spanish
Binding: Paperback | Format: 19 x 19.5 cm.

SYNOPSIS: Canary dream and reality is fantasy: excellent climate, beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes and unique ... And its cuisine is a treasure, being an original kitchen, surprising and cosmopolitan, marked by simplicity and quality of their raw materials.
The ancestral gofio, acquaintances and the famous mojos wrinkled potatoes, fish such as grouper and old, seafood, oven-roasted and grilled, and so typical preparations as gazpachos, are only some of its most emblematic products. Also excellent cheeses, a variety of honey and a rich traditional pastries, which include, for example, bienmesabe, milk or frangollo roast. A world of pleasures to enjoy.

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