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Fauna of the Canary Islands

11.95 €

Title: Fauna of the Canary Islands

Format: 21x29, 5 cm.
Texts: Jose Manuel Moreno;
Illustration: Jose Manuel Moreno 
Features: Guide identification + map folding (90x62, 5 cm)
ISBN: 84-604-3599-7
Languages: Spanish, English, German (in separate folders)

Description: The various ecosystems are home to a variety canaries and very interesting wildlife, with a high proportion of endemic species, unique to these islands. Many of them are seriously threatened. Canary collected nearly 600 fish species, 72 birds, 18 reptiles, 38 mammals and seascapes, 2 amphibians and several thousand invertebrates (insects, arachnids, mollusks, crustaceans, etc.. The guide is reproduced all animals the map, with a small comment which indicates mainly distribution in the archipelago. Also included another

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