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The history of the Holy Source

23.75 €

Title: The history of the holy source

Format: 19x24, 5 cm
Texts: Carlos Soler Liceras
Foreword. Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa
Features: 430 pages. Hardback
ISBN: 84-95412-74-8

Languages: Spanish

Description: The source Santos was a thermal spring and healing that flowed for two centuries, giving fame, glory and wealth to the island of La Palma (Canary Islands). The author, based on actual perpetrators, will lead us through five centuries that takes in this story. The first is Don Pedro de Mendoza and Lujan, conqueror of Argentina, after numerous precedents for sick americas and Europe. But on November 10, 1677 with the eruption of the volcano of San Antonio everything was buried. Since then begins his long quest, until the twenty-first century, the author tells how personally directed the work that managed to decipher the keys and unearth the source Santa, through a work of engineering really unique.

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