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10 Aloe Vera Plants Live in box

89.95 €   [ 10%    99.95 €]

The Best Aloe Vera in the World according to the German scientist Spectral laboratory in Cologne

10 Barbadensis Miller Canariensis subspecies plants native to the Canary Islands. 10 Plants served in Boxes.

The scientific analysis conducted by Spectral Service Laboratorium fur Auftragsanalytik of Cologne in Germany to our Aloe Vera Penca Zabila distributed exclusively by, the variety Canariensis from a specific area of Tenerife, have shown that, with a saturation of 2850 ppm of Aloverasa (the active curative Aloe), is the best ever found in the world, where concentrations usual range on the 1250 ppm. Our Aloe Vera Penca Zábila has more than doubled concentration of active ingredients and healing properties than any other in the world. Without blending, only aloe undiluted and without pesticides, 100% eco-label guarantee council regulator organic growing Canary Islands, the CRAE

Click the next links to access a report intensively on aloe, their properties, their uses and specific treatment for each condition and scientific reports to the effect that the aloe is the largest cellular regeneration which has given the nature and ours: THE BEST OF World: -

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