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Red wine Presas Ocampo

7.75 €

Type: Red
Brand: Presas Ocampo
Producer: Bodegas Presas Ocampo 
Volume bottle: 75 cl.
Origen: Taraconte-Acentejo

Variety: Taken from the varieties Black Listán, and Negramoll Castellana, the view is clean and bright, with shades of violet and layer half high. Nose reminded red fruit and timber. His passing through fleshy mouth is very soft drink.

It is recommended to accompany all kinds of red meat, sausage and cured cheeses and serve at a temperature between 14 º and 16 º Celsius.

Wineries Presas Ocampo:

The excellent climate of Tenerife, softened by the trade winds, made this island, especially in the area of Tacoronte, the ideal place for producing quality wines, which already en el siglo XVI and XVII, reached as high prestige which were demanded by the markets of Europe and most cosmopolitan americas.

Domingo López Arvelo, loving man from the countryside and wine, recalls him as their ancestors had that in the oldest part of what is now the winery Dams Ocampo, his family and was devoted to making the rich wines at that time were almost as a luxury that not everyone could afford. In this way, and with industry regulation in 80 years began to work again for wines canaries, and from that moment was as little by little and with all the affection of the world, this bodeguero began with the adventure of wine.

But it was from the year 1,990 with the entry into the Regulatory Board Tacoronte-Acentejo when the cave was actually the boom that has positioned today as one of the most important of the island and the largest projection.

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