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LA LAGUNA Unity Coins - 925 Silver

59.95 €

13 coins - unity coins of 500 Anniversary of the founding of the city of La Laguna in Tenerife in sterling silver with box massif 925 luxury silk screen.

A design actually very nice with a perfect finish. It is a unique edition that was issued in 1996 and which destroyed the molds before a notary. The dimensions of each coin is 22 mm x 1. The 13 coins are minted (see catalogue) with the most significant identity of the city:

1º La Milagrosa
2º The council
3º Ermita San Miguel
4ºErmita San Cristobal
5º Palacios Navas
6º Padre Anchieta
7º Ermita de San Benito
8º Cristo de la Laguna
9º SAN AGUSTIN tower 
10º CajaCanarias
11º Universidad de La Laguna
12º Torres de la Constitution
13º Cathedral of La Laguna.

The reverse is engraved with the design commemorating the 500 anniversary. It is a work of high design and luxurious finish by their limited circulation and unrepeatable make it a piece of great collection.

Version with box flocking in cedar wood with thermal printing on the cover and silkscreen silver in the interior

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