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13 Coins - Unity coins CANARY ISLANDS 24k GOLD

35.95 €


Exclusive and limited edition of HERALDIC COINS of CANARY ISLANDS - SPAIN composed of 13 COINS 24 k GOLD PLATED.

The only issue was realized in the year 1.995 and the molds were destroyed. The dimensions of each one are 25 x 3 mm.

This 13 Gold Coins 24 Karat are coined (see individual images) with the official heraldic shields of each one of 7 Canary Islands.  The reverse side have the geographical design of the Canary Islands.

A work of high design and luxuriously ended that for his limited and unrepeatable issue turn her into a piece of COLLECTION.

Each coin is in a termo sealed plastic bag an all one in a GIFT BAG with earths.  

All orders are shipped with the best care and secure procedures.

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