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Red Wine El Lomo

8.95 €

Type: Red Wine
Brand: El Lomo
Producer: Bodegas El Lomo
Variety: Listan negro
Bottle: 75 cl.

Elaboration: The wines of the area in the northeast of the island are traditionally red young, happy and easy step-by-mouth, combined with wines that most of the dishes. For this reason, El Lomo has made young red or traditional sign of their identity.

The main variety is employed foreigners Tegueste or Black List. This variety is almost 90% of young red. The lesser Negramoll comes with about 5%, the White Listán 3% and other varieties that confer minority quality and personality to this wine.

Tasting Notes: Presents an intense ruby color cherry half layer, with a youthful purple piping. Nose offers a clean, with medium intensity, dominated by red fruit aromas, cherry, strawberry balsamic and a touch that brings freshness. In a sample entry fleshy mouth with a pleasant and balanced way, without edges and a spicy end. Persistence half. 

El Lomo Winery: The winery was founded in 1989 and has been rehabilitated and expanded since then. The capacity of the warehouse is currently 250,000 liters. It consists of a main hall for the development, another ship specially designed for the development and aging of wine in barrels, as well as areas for laboratory quality units for workers, patio and multipurpose room with capacity for 80 tasting people.

The main feature of the cave is its verticality, up to 5 meters, thus allowing for all steps in a process of wine to another by gravity, avoiding the use of pumps that reduce the quality of the juice.

To obtain a high quality must be made by simple gravity, must fall, without having to make any strong mechanical action on the grapes, if escurridores in a special light.

Bodega El Lomo has two farms of 6 and 3 hectares. These varieties are grown in prefiloxéricas (the Canary Islands has not yet reached the dreaded phylloxera) on free-standing, without grafting, retaining our traditional varieties for wines with a strong personality.

The service offered by the tourism wine cellar, is to take a tour guided by technical staff through the winery and its vineyards with which it is intended that the visitor knows the media and processing techniques used in the house. This tour ends in the tasting room, tasting the wines produced.





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