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Cigars Vargas Great Reserve - Case + Box 25

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Cigars for celebrations, vitols customized and each one in a celebration box. 100% Handmade. 100% Handfiller 

Cigars can be customized totally Free for orders of 3 boxs or more.

Especially for weddings, christenings, communions, anniversaries, links, conventions and other collective CELEBRATIONS

100% pure handmade La Palma island, Canary Islands, Spain.

Each individual GRAN RESERVA case (see pictures) and each 25 in Luxury Wood box (see pictures)

The cigar is the Lonsdale 163x17. The price is per box of 25 units. Minimun order is 2 boxes.

Average delivery time is 20 days.

Buy the number of boxes required for your celebration and fill in "observation" of your order, if it so desires, the content that you want it to appear in the rings of your cigars, its will be serve completely customized with your rings, each in a celebration box and every 25 in wooden boxes.

At the moment we do not have stock for this product. For more information, please contact us to

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