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T-Shirt Canary Dolphins

6.95 €

T-shirt with design made with brilliant rivets.
In do your shirts to the Canaries at your choice. All sizes available, since 1 year children to adult XXL. Just select the design, colour, size and name of the island one you like best and we'll take care of everything for you receive it very soon, wherever you want.
The T-shirts are manufactured in the United States with the best of 180 grms/m2 combed cotton. In the Canary Islands we made the designs and its application to each piece. There are over 40 different designs and 4000 different combinations to always find what you're looking for.


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Children Sizes

1/2 years 2/4 years 5/6 years 7/8 years 9/10 years 11/12 years

Childres Colours

Orange Yellow Pumpkin Water Sand White Rose

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