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Refresco Cliper Fresa TuCanarias.comClipper is a soft beberage of the Canary Islands. Began to be produced in 1956 in a garage, the taste of strawberry is the most representative of the brand. Made in & sold in the Canary Islands. Spain.

Appletiser is a drink 100% apple juice, lightly carbonated soft, foamy, originally from South Africa. In Spain it is imported into the Canary Islands since 1969 and currently being produced here by CCC.

This category have 5 items.

Appletiser 100% Apple Juice with Soda 33 cl
0.85 €

Clipper Strawberry Soda 2 liters
1.95 €

Clipper Strawberry Soda 33 cl
0.69 €

Fanta Strawberry Soda 33 cl
0.65 €

Nestea Mango Pinneaple · Exclusive Canarian Flavour · 33 cl
0.79 €

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