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2000 · 2017: With 17 years old of worldwide ecommerce experience operating, we create  the Canary Islands official online store, specialized in Canary Islands products which consolidates the whole range of Canarian products and bring our products to the Canary Islands lovers, and ultimately to promote our traditions, culture and products throughout the planet.

TuCanarias complies with its mission every day, linking Canary Islands with more than 30,000 customers across the planet who enjoy a unique selection of the best 600 products made in the Canary Islands at unbeatable prices, so that anyone can continue to enjoy canarian products as if were here, without leaving your home and receive it in hand, with ALL RISK INSURED FREE, anywhere in the world.

TuCanarias also has business pertnerships in the United States and Europe, with import and trade offices to distribute its Canary Islands products throught conventional commercial networks in this continents.

In the catalogue you Canarias Satelitewill find our famous Old Canarian Potatoes,  Artisans Cigars Palmeros considered the Best European Cigars, the Wines and Malvasia of Tenerife and Lanzarote that are considered treasures since the sixteenth century, Canary Cheeses first prizes of the world with 14 medals of The Cheese World Awards, Canary Islands Aloe Vera with the best health properties of the planet according to scientific studies in Germany,  Condiments and Mojos, Canary Rum, the birthplace of rum, Banana Liquor and the Canary desired Ronmiel designation of geographic origin of the Canary Islands recently released, the Almogrote from La Gomera, Nature Tropical Jams as cactus, our universal Gofio food, Honey from the summits of those that remain of the highest in the world are so exceptional ....;, the largest offer from the Canary Islands products never seen.


Canary Islands near of you, wherever you are, forever.


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