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Canary Islands

CanariasGeographic information: Canary has seven major islands and six islets. Its northern tip is located at 29 º and 25 'north and south, a 27 º and 38' north. Its maximum altitude is 3,718 meters (Teide mountain on Tenerife).

Data politicians: Canary Islands is an autonomous region of Spain, integrated fully in the European Union as one of its most remote regions. They apply, therefore, immigration laws and customs peculiar to the EU with certain specificities. The Canary archipelago has an Economic and Fiscal Regime itself, with advantages for companies established there. It has an autonomous government and a regional parliament with wide legislative powers. In another administrative level, there are 7 in the Archipelago and Island Councils is divided into 88 municipalities.

Extension: The total area is 7,446 square kilometers, with 1,114 kilometers of coastline and 257 kilometres of beach. El Hierro, the smallest island, has 269 square kilometers, while the opposite is Tenerife with 2,034. Gran Canaria has 1,560 kilometers of area, with 708 La Palma and La Gomera with 369. The surface of Fuerteventura is 1,660 square kilometers, while that of Lanzarote is 846 kilometers.
Demographics: 2,025,951 inhabitants (year 2007) in total, with an average density of 272 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Currency: Euro.

Language: Spanish.

Annual average temperature: 22 ° C / 71.6 ° F.

Schedules and festive calendar: Canary continues timetable GMT (GMT) throughout the year except between April and October, which changes and becomes GMT +1. The holidays for 2008 throughout the region are: 1 and January 7, 20 and March 21, 1 and May 30, August 15, November 1 and 6, 8 and December 25. In addition, each island has a public holiday and all municipalities elect two holidays themselves.

Infrastructure: 8 airports and 41 ports between sports, marinas and fishing ports.

Environmental data: Canary hosts four national parks, 146 protected natural areas and four Biosphere Reserves. In total, there are 1386 native species and 540 endemic.

Turistic data: In 2007, the number of foreign tourists received was 9,328,546. The plant accommodations include 166,296 hotel rooms (575 establishments) and 228,603 extrahoteleras (2,482 establishments). It has 21 golf courses, 9 and 7 congress casino games.

Hours commercial: From 09:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 20 hours, although large shopping centers are open throughout the day.
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